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Published: Friday, November 30, 2012 at 10:00 AM.

Good Number 2 Pencils

Most people grow up and don’t use pencils anymore.  Go find one.  Find a good one and get a blank sheet of paper.  Doodle, draw flowers, write your name a zillion times or do the Sodoku puzzle in the paper.  There is something about writing with a good pencil that just cranks my tractor.  I do math every day, I know these things.

Small Forks

Some folks might call them appetizer forks; I simply call them small forks.  I can’t put my finger on just what they do for me; I think it has something to do with making me feel bigger.  It would also make sense to say that using a small fork makes the meal last longer.  If you have a lot of time, try eating with one of those little seafood forks.  Your food looks bigger on the end of it.  I love small forks.

Good Underwear & Socks

I have no shame in admitting I will wear second hand clothes.  Second hand clothes are like a baseball glove you’ve used so much that it is part of your hand.  On the other hand, I want good underwear and socks that make me feel “springy.”  Most of the time we should try to be holy, but not when it comes to our underwear and socks.

Soda Waters in Glass Bottles

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