~“When the Tryp Hits the Phan”~

Published: Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 09:30 AM.

Honestly, I’m from the other school of thought.

The other school of thought being that we eat so doggone much that we are tired. When you eat a lot, blood rushes to your gut, robbing your body of oxygen and stuff, making you not want to eat for a while. Then it hits you again – you want to eat a whole lot causing the gut blood rushing thing. It’s a vicious cycle and there is a danger of getting stuck on this feast or famine seesaw. All this seesawing wears you out.

My cycle goes from Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving, so I think I will be able to recover.

Forgetting to bring leftovers for lunch on this Friday, I went to the shelf of food in my office. I keep things there in the event of emergencies, kind of like those Doomsday Preppers on television who are saving stuff up for a disaster. I generally go for foods with a shelf life of at least a decade.

On this Friday, it was a cardboard bowl labeled “Souper Meal.” I got it for a dollar at the drugstore. It comes with three little packets and what looks like freeze dried noodles. You open two of the packets and pour them over the freeze dried looking noodles, fill it up to the line with water from the bathroom sink and microwave it.

I use water from the bathroom sink because my office is right by the bathroom. It’s usually nice being so close, but it seems like a lot of the folks who do come to work on the Friday after Thanksgiving stay in the bathroom all day.

The third packet?

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