~“Christmas without Mama”~

Published: Friday, January 4, 2013 at 10:09 AM.

Growing up, the stockings got too small to handle everything she wanted to put in them.  Mama then started piling stuff in chairs and on the sofa on top of the stuffed stockings.  Throughout the year, she would accumulate “stuff” to put in your stocking and always have too much.

When she had grandchildren, she gave up on the stockings and started using these huge Christmas bags with handles.  Sometimes I thought the kids weren’t that interested because they were so overwhelmed with the volume of it all.

Mama would have been happy to hear my son say that.  No, Mama would have been thrilled.

All year long, she would accumulate little bags of things to put in the children’s “Christmas Bags.”  I’m sure she lost a lot of it through the year, but she had so much that it didn’t matter if she lost part of it.

As she got older, my older brother would help her put the bags together.

Most of the time what she put in the bags made sense, however sometimes it didn’t.  Sometimes the boys would get the girl’s stuff and vice versa.  The grandchildren didn’t care; they would sit and trade things.

Through the years, Mama would almost always keep giving grandchildren and more importantly her sons the same things she gave us as children.

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