~“Lost & Found in 2012”~

Published: Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 09:37 AM.

We look back into the past and try to remember the year that things happened. Some dates are easy to remember. You remember the year you graduated from high school or college. You remember the year you started work. Most of the time you remember the years your children were born.

As you get older, dates and times seem to blur and all run together.

2012 will definitely be a year that I will always remember.

We all have our priorities, likes, dislikes, fears and loves. Things that are important to me are not necessarily important to others; I understand that. We seem to be drawn to people who have similar interests or those who make an attempt to understand those little things that make us who we are.

When you look back at what news people think was important, it may or may not be important to you. The magazines think we are all interested in which movie stars got married, divorced, had children and died. Most of them don’t interest me.

One fellow who I always liked was the gentleman who played “John Coffey” in the movie, “The Green Mile.” His name was Michael Duncan. He had a heart attack and died two months later at age 54.

Duncan was raised by a single mother on Chicago’s South Side and dropped out of college when his mother became ill. Before making it in Hollywood, Duncan was a ditch digger for several years for the gas company in Chicago. I always heard about “ditch diggers,” but never really heard of one making it big. “Big Mike,” as they called him, did make it kind of big. They say every time someone on the street knew him by his real name, “Michael Clarke Duncan,” he would give them five dollars.

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