~“Hoping for Change”~

Published: Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 11:20 AM.

Most of our grandparents grew up in a time where frugality did not mean “doing without,” but rather being thankful for what they had worked for.

Times have changed.  Many folks are struggling to just get by, seeing that what they work for just doesn’t seem to be enough.  There are others who seem to be a little lazy, expecting someone else to dump money in their sofas for them to find.

What do I mean?

Take for example, rolling coins to take to the bank.  There are machines now in grocery stores where you can take your coins and dump them in; the machine will give you paper money back.  Great idea isn’t it?  Not really.  The machine takes 8% as a fee.  In other words, if you put ten dollars worth of quarters in the machine, it will give you $9.20 back.

Want to talk about a stupid tax?  I think that borders on it.  Folks justify this by saying, “It’s more convenient.”  If you have that much money to spend on “convenience,” I understand.  Let me note here, if you have $10,000 in quarters, I will roll them for you for $800.  The other option if you don’t want to roll them yourself, is to take them to the bank.  The teller may look at you kind of funny, and might even complain, but money is money.

We take clothes that the children have outgrown and other things that we no longer need to the local thrift store operated by the Disabled American Veterans.  If they are still useable, we would like to think that someone could get some use out of them.  The thrift store sells these items to fund various charities, most importantly helping disabled veterans.

I enjoy going to the thrift store, not only to donate things, but to find odds and ends that I find interesting.  I look for cast iron skillets that folks have given up on, golf clubs and things that remind me of when I was young (and flipping sofa cushions).

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