~“Hoping for Change”~

Published: Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 11:20 AM.

Recently, I was reading a story about folks who go to thrift stores to find money.  This was not a story about finding treasures at the thrift store to sell to someone else at a profit, but literally going to the thrift store and looking for money.

This concerned me, because at first sight, it seemed a lot like stealing.  The more I read, I determined that it wasn’t “like stealing,” it was stealing.

These folks gave instructions on where to look to find money while “shopping” in a thrift store.  Reading through the ideas, they all seemed like something a kid would do.  However, this article was meant for adults.

It was noted that you should climb under desks and tables, pulling out drawers and looking under shelves.  The article said that many older people will tape envelopes of cash in these places and forget about them.  It is important to note here that the article did not suggest that you buy the item first, it noted to just take the money.

Other places the folks suggested to look included men’s suit pockets, pants pockets, luggage compartments, book pages and also of course, under seat cushions of sofas and chairs.  Again, they did not note that you should buy the item; they just noted that you could find money there.

If that’s not stealing from the folks at the thrift store, I’m not sure what it is.

The way I see it, it’s the same as going over to somebody’s house and ransacking it, looking for money.  Perhaps these same folks go to a restaurant and steal the servers’ tips to pay for their own meals.

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