~“Just because you hear the music…”~

Published: Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 09:41 AM.

It is educational to watch a 15 pound female poodle telling a 95 pound male poodle what to do. It is one of those moments that you call your teenaged son into the kitchen and ask him, “Do you understand?”

I won’t go there.

What do sounds and music mean to you?

When I hear the distinctive music of the Ice Cream Truck, it makes me want to immediately run to the street and wave money. I associate the music not only with my favorite ice cream truck treat (The Choco Taco), but also with happy children. I hear the music, I see the truck and I want to climb inside and pass out ice cream sandwiches and popsicles and rocket pops (while eating Choco Tacos).

When we’re sitting in a meeting or around a group of people and we hear a cell phone ring, we all reach for our cell phones. If we are at church and a cell phone goes off, we all quickly hit the off button on our phones and start looking around with the “It’s not mine” look.

These are conditioned responses.

While driving, if we hear a siren, we check our speed and the rearview mirror at the same time. After we conclude the situation is not about us, we are relieved and get out of the way.

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