~“Failure to Communicate”~

Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 12:03 PM.

I bought the tires from a “Used Tire” place. The fellow who worked there was very nice, letting me come back and pay him later in the day because his credit card machine wasn’t working. He had a lot of tattoos and not many teeth. I liked him.

Before going to the DMV, I had stopped and bought a Mallo Cup which had a “50 coin” in it. You have to be a Mallo Cup fan to know that they still put “cardboard coins” in the package with the candy. It was my 50th birthday, so I remembered it.

Originally, it took about an hour to get to the counter at the DMV to get my license, but I enjoyed the time and people watching because I wasn’t in a hurry. Watching folks in the DMV, you kind of understand the way things are now, as opposed to the way they used to be. The lady took my picture and my money and told me, “You should receive your new license in the mail in seven to ten business days.”

A couple of weeks later, my new driver’s license still hadn’t shown up. Figuring it would show up while I was away for the Christmas holidays, I didn’t worry about it. I had a piece of paper saying “it was on the way” that was good for 30 days or so.

A month passed and I still hadn’t gotten my license. I called the "DMV hotline” and got a nice lady named Donna who didn’t really believe me, and told me my license was mailed on December 2nd. She assured me that she would note it as lost and put in a request for another license to be mailed out to me.

So I waited another couple of weeks and still nothing. Again, I decided that I should wait longer before calling again. However, it was getting kind of frustrating because folks who want to see your driver’s license at stores and airports tell you, “Your license is expired!”

About two months had passed since my original visit to get my license renewed and it still hadn’t arrived in the mail.

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