~“Failure to Communicate”~

Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 12:03 PM.

Needing the new tags for my car, I headed out to the DMV knowing this was going to be trouble.

Our DMV has a system of “hoops you jump through” before you get to actually do what you need to do. The first person you talk to is a lady at a check in desk who asks why you are there. When she asked me, I simply told her I was there to get a tag for my car.

She was nice and gave me a form and asked for my driver’s license. I gave her my expired license. She looked at it and said, “Your license is expired!”

I said, “Yes Ma’am, I came in back in November to get it renewed and it never came in the mail.” She gave me another form to get another driver’s license, the tag form, a slip of paper with a number on it like they give you at a crowded ice cream parlor and told me where to get a clipboard and a pen.

My number was “T122.” I sat down and filled out the paperwork for the tag; I wasn’t going to fill the driver’s license form again. It was 30 or 45 minutes until my number appeared on the screen and a computerized like voice called out “T122.”.

The folks there are nice, but it was toward the end of the day and they were moving a little like they had been dragging 100 pound bags of feed behind them in the barn and they had been doing it all day.

I understood.

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