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Published: Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 08:59 AM.

When I think of my Grandmama, I think of her ten cent store in rural Alabama, Mason jars full of water to take fishing and the wonderful daffodils that come back each spring in her yard.  The daffodils seem to say, “Hey, we’re back, we’re going to keep coming back, we haven’t quit and we never will.”

Those good things and the one time I heard her utter a bad word under her breath when we were in the car on the way to church.  My Papa had made her pretty angry about something and she turned loose of a not so nice word. 

I ducked down in the backseat of the car.   Things calmed down and that was the only time I heard Grandmama say a bad word.  It wasn’t even an “ear-covering” word, but to hear Grandmama say it was kind of shocking.

The bottom line is that I knew what to expect from my Grandmama.  She was a constant.  Being a math fellow and more importantly a parent, I know how important constants are not only in children’s lives, but in everyone’s lives.

We want and need something that is unchanging.  A lot of folks say “Change is good.”  It might be good for some folks, but I would like to think that “Constants are even better.”

In other words, it’s nice to know as a little boy that you have somebody who loves you enough to fill a Mason jar with ice water before you start a long walk to catch a fish.  It’s also nice to know if Grandmama gets one on her line before you do – she’s going to hand you the pole.  She’s got to do it.  It’s expected of her.

So when my brother sent me a picture of Grandmama’s daffodils still coming up after all of these years, I knew what he was saying.  He was saying, “We still have our constants.  Our grandparents and parents are gone, but we will continue to remember what an important part of our lives they were.”

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