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Published: Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 09:10 AM.

If you haven’t seen the animated movie, “Up” from 2009, you need to see it.  It is a bit silly, but it is a good tale of life and dreams.  The hero is a senior citizen named Carl, who is off on the once-in-a-lifetime journey he has always dreamed of taking.

Carl is traveling with an eight year-old wilderness explorer/Boy Scout named Russell and a dog named “Dug.” 

Dug, the dog is originally part of a bad pack of dogs.  However, Dug ends up not being bad.  He is a bit goofy and has a talking collar (where he gets his orders from the bad dog leader).

This character, Dug, at one point in the movie is threatened with having to wear “the cone of shame.”   The cone of shame being the funnel-like collar that veterinarians often put on dogs and cats to keep them from biting or licking wounds and other postoperative incisions.

Other names for the “cone of shame” include the “E-collar” in reference to the fact that it looks like an Elizabethan collar, the “lampshade” and the “satellite dish.”

There are various videos and pictures of dogs having to deal with the “cone of shame” that are supposed to be funny.

As Dug notes when threatened with the funneled collar, “I do not like the cone of shame.”

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