Cranks My Tractor

Published: Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 11:33 AM.

Before the end, you’ll see some more acne medication commercials and more than likely one for a purple pill that could cause diarrhea.  They don’t want you to experience the side effects, but they warn you that you could. You don’t worry about acne or diarrhea, because you know everything in the movie is going to be alright.

I put sugar in my carrots I was cooking, because Mama would when no one was looking and Hallmark movies make me think of Mama.

Cate with a “C” ends up telling her fiancé (the old donkey’s derriere) that she wants kids and a dog.  He understands that means she does not want him.  Of course she needs to kiss Connor, the hometown boy on the mouth, make his collar stand up, pat his dog on the head and go dream under a chenille bedspread.

What does one take from all this?

I think if you want to be loved like they get loved in a Hallmark Channel movie, you need a dog, a wicker picnic basic and someone to shoo some seagulls your way. Just make sure you have the lid on the Smuckers jelly when they do the shooing of the seagulls.

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