No snapper fishing for all

Published: Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 09:34 AM.

Maybe we should all be asking for a temporary closure of all federal RED SNAPPER fishing. It has been proven in court that they (National Marine Fisheries Service-NMFS and NOAA, do not have a clue what they are doing. This is how our Red Snapper season went from 40 days to 11 days this year (and probably less before it is over).  Why don’t we just close it for –Commercial and recreational fisherman for a year-- giving NOAA and NMFS time to implement a fair system for all.

    The commercial boys all claim they are accountable for every fish they catch. That is total mullarkey. Most people don’t have a clue how commercial fishermen get to fish year round for OUR red snapper so let me try and explain.

1)     The government gave away 51 percent of our publicly owned Red Snapper to a few commercial fishermen to catch and sell rather than letting us all catch our own fish to eat. 2) The government allowed this because supposedly the commercial sector are counting every fish and weighing them. (accountability)  A) Many, if not most commercial fishermen have become seafood dealers as well as fishermen; so now they catch the fish, weigh them themselves, and write their own trip tickets telling the Government how many fish that weighed a certain amount they have caught. Do you think anyone cheats?

2)     This is the accountability that Roy Crabtree, Andy Strelcheck and other NMFS and NOAA employees claim to be foolproof. These are the same people that just lost a battle in court and were told that they have failed miserably in their jobs as to providing the accountability for the recreational sector. I would bet, if they let the recreational sector catch their own fish, bring them in and weigh them themselves and then call it in—the recreational sector would be just as accountable as the commercial sector is now and we could be fishing year round as well. 

3)     FYI  Most of these commercial fishermen don’t even fish any more –they have been given –our fish so they can sit at home and rake in money for letting others catch fish for them –yet you and I cannot even catch our own supper.

While the NMFS and NOAA let this go on,  the Charter for Hire are essentially being put out of business by closing the season to 11 days for Red Snapper, No triggerfish, gag grouper for a few months. How can the charter boats make a living? It is hurting all our business’s that rely on tourism to make a living. How can all the rest of us ever get a chance to go catch our own fish when they have given our fishing rights away to about 400 commercial fishermen to make money off of OUR Fish?.

 And meanwhile, the commercial boys, fish year round for snapper and can never reach their quota. Does that sound odd??

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