Opinions are like belly buttons

Published: Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 08:59 AM.

By Marcus Sturdivant


Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one. Having lived in Gulf County for a number of years and only just recently moving away we still keep in touch by subscribing to the Star. It’s good to keep abreast of what is going on good old Port St. Joe. One of the things I miss the most about Gulf County is the down-to-earth goodness of most of the folk who live in Port St. Joe. In my years of living there I found most understood the difference between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, and most importantly Christian and non-Christian principles.

As I was perusing through last week’s paper I noticed the article written by Loren Siprell. As I read through the piece I was impressed by the way the article was presented as it was well-written. I got the impression the writer is well-read and educated. However, having said that I also think the writer of the article is impressed with his or her own superior understanding. Much smarter people than me have articulated the creation point of view much clearer than I could ever hope to.

Evolution does exist on a vertical plane, however, nowhere has it ever been proven to have leaped vertically from one species to another. Creation theory is just as valid if not more so than evolution could ever hope to be. In fact at one point in my young life I was agnostic but when I was confronted with the hypothesis of an infinite digress with respect to evolution I began to see the absurdity of such foolish thinking.

The Bible, in my humble opinion, is God’s word! I cannot explain everything that is in the Bible nor can I answer all the questions raised by our author of this article. However, we all have to believe in something of someone, and I choose to believe in Jesus Christ. If I am wrong, what have I lost? The short answer is; nothing! However, if our friend denies Christ and I happen to be right what then? It’s a win, win for Bible believing Christians! Admittedly, some of us might be a little overzealous and obviously in our friend’s view overreaching, but then so are many on the other side. It would be nice if everyone could all get along together but it will never happen. People have been killing each other in the name of religion throughout recorded history and it will continue until God brings the final curtain down as predicted in the Bible; oops here I go again quoting an illegitimate source.

Some advice to my friend; keep up your crusade to free society from the likes of folk like me! By the way Port St. Joe is full of them so just maybe you should consider a more liberal place to live. Prediction: one day you will discover that you are dead wrong but it will be too late and I feel sorry for you. However, right now, at this moment you can relish the thought that your superior intellect is worth the risk, so enjoy your moment and pat yourself on the back because you did write a very good article, even though you were all wet!

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