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Published: Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 08:59 AM.

We have all heard about the things that were invented as a result of mistakes.  I think I’ve even written about a few before.  Life is full of mistakes, thus there should be some good things that come from the mistakes we make.

The slinky - you know the one that’s fun for a girl and a boy?  A naval engineer was trying to make a meter that would monitor power on battleships.  The engineer dropped it on the ground, maybe even on some stairs and “Voila” the slinky was born.

John Hopps, an electrical engineer, was doing research on hypothermia and using radio frequency heating to restore body temperature when he discovered that a heart stopped due to being too cold could be restarted using artificial stimulation.  Hopps realization and research is now inside a lot of folks – his research led to the pacemaker.

Silly Putty, Post-it notes, potato chips and corn flakes were also invented as a result of a mistake or by someone who was trying to make something else.

This fellow named Percy Spencer was an engineer with the Raytheon Corporation many years ago.  You have to love a fellow named “Percy.”

Interested in Percy’s education, I did a little research and found out that he led a pretty incredible life.  You see Percy’s father died before he was two, then his mother left him with an uncle soon thereafter.

When he was seven, Percy’s uncle died, leaving him to fend for his aunt and himself.  At 12, he was working from sun up to sun down at a mill, where he continued to work until he was 16.

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