Cranks My Tractor

Published: Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 09:22 AM.

Did the psychological study of pushing and pulling, and the motivation involved come before or after the little red wagon?  I am not sure; it really doesn’t matter.  However, I am pretty sure that when I watch a child playing with a wagon, I have on my brother and daddy hats, rather than my Sigmund Freud hat.

Recently, I was reading about motivation, specifically about  “Why do we do anything at all?”  Unfortunately, some folks answer this question, “I don’t and I won’t.”  Forgive me for my ability to go from little red wagons to psychology, but they are related.  At least the pushing and the pulling are related.

As I understand it, the pushing comes from inside us or our “internal drive.”  The pulling comes from things external to us or incentives to make us move.  After summarizing these complex thoughts in a couple of simple sentences, I would now like a Ph.D. in Red Wagon Psychology. 

Seriously it takes both pushes and pulls, however it does seem when we look at the lack of motivation in some folks - they do not have the desire to push themselves nor pull anyone else – they wish only to sit in the wagon and wait for someone else to do it.  That would be fine, but life is not all downhill or coasting, someone has to get you back to the top so you can ride again. 

Not only do they want you to push the wagon up the hill for them to ride down, they want you to pull them back up in the wagon to ride again.  You get tired of this when your wagon starts to fall apart.

Perhaps we should all study Red Wagon Psychology from an Italian cabinet-maker.  What?  That is correct.  His name was Antonio Pasin.  Antonio is the man who gave us the Radio Flyer wagon.

Born in a little town outside of Venice, Antonio was greeted by the Statue of Liberty in 1913; he was 16 years-old.  He had no money and didn’t know a soul.  What did he do?  He started working – pushing, pulling and dreaming.  Antonio invested his savings in used woodworking equipment and rented a one-room workshop.

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