Cranks My Tractor

Published: Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 09:18 AM.

It seems Sister Sarah has a thing for chipmunks, or “ground squirrels” as folks down there call them. Sister Sarah wants to catch them and bring them in the house to play with for a while.

You know where all this is going.

Sister Sarah got the ground squirrel in the house, things got crazy. Sister Sarah brought it in the house and then she took it out. Then she brought it in again…

The ground squirrel was loose and running around all over Aunt Ruby’s house.

Knowing Aunt Ruby, I’m sure she didn’t worry too much about it. She just called Cousin Toni to come over and “save the ground squirrel” from Sister Sarah the cat.

After a NASCAR like chase all around the house, Sister Sarah and Cousin Toni finally cornered the ground squirrel in a bathroom behind a cabinet.

If I had been there, I would have advised Cousin Toni to just “Roll up a Southern Living and whack him in the head.” Cousin Toni is not that way – not unless she has to be.

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