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Published: Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 08:59 AM.

Don’t worry, I’m not into Science Fiction and I haven’t taken to writing about it.   Some folks find it odd that a fellow who has spent most of his life working in the aerospace world is not interested in such things as Martians and flying saucers.

I really am not.

However, I am approaching or “sailing into” another birthday and I try to find humor and meaning as I go through life and hoping my children and friends do the same.

Being a mathematician by education, I do find it entertaining to study what people think about certain numbers and their significance.  Again, I will note that I just find it fun and I don’t pick lottery numbers based on the significance of numbers.

That being said, I still had to look into the significance of the number 51 this year.  Of course, like every other number it is very important (to some people).

In studying the Pyramid’s mysterious design, the number 51 is worthy of attention.  The slope angle is 51 degrees, 51 minutes.   In addition, the Kings Chamber is situated on the 51st masonry course of the Pyramid.

Somehow folks associate the number 51 with a code for the Earth.  Okay, that’s pretty cool.  However, when you consider that Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill are all located on the 51st parallel, it gets a little scary.  These folks think that these prehistoric monuments represent the Sun, Earth and Moon.

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