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Published: Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 09:07 AM.

Men will often discuss hair bows and their opinion of George Wallace’s first wife, Lurleen.  Lurleen was the first and only female governor of the state of Alabama.  Men’s discussions of Lurleen often include opinions of George Wallace’s second wife, Cornelia (Cuh'nelia).

Barbecue preference is something that is discussed throughout the South.  Topics include the best restaurant, the best plate, the best sandwich, the best sauce and best stuff that might be offered on the side like fried dill pickles, turnip greens or pickled onions.

Sauce discussions can go on for hours and chopped, pulled or sliced debates will probably never be settled.  For the most part, discussions are generally amicable and honorable, sort of like Ole Miss or Vanderbilt football.

The “Man with the Big Knife” was the center of attention in the Goal Post Bar-B-Q in Anniston, Alabama.  Before I could drive, my Daddy would take me to lunch there in the summer or send me with some of the other fellows from the newspaper.  When I got old enough to drive, I would take myself.

Recently, I read where they shut the doors to the establishment that I loved so much. That’s right, “They were tearing down the Goal Post.”

People who drove through Anniston at night have more than likely seen the Goal Post’s neon sign with a field goal kicker who kicked ball after ball through the uprights of the goal post.  People would drive into town just to see the sign.  The kicker hasn’t made a successful kick in a number of years due to a storm that either caused him to pull a neon groin, or something really serious.  He just kind of stands there in the dark ready to kick.

Folks will always remember the sign.  As a matter of fact, there are a number of folks standing in line to buy it.  Whatever happens to it, I just pray that it doesn’t get moved out of the county or God forbid, up north.

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