Cranks My Tractor

Published: Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 09:38 AM.

Our parents and grandparents leave us memories. Hopefully, yours left you good memories.  My grandfather, who I called, “Papa,” continues to give me memories and things many years after his departure.

He was packrat, keeping things “just in case” he might need them some day or perhaps so that someone would find it and realize some meaning.  The other day I did just that.

My older brother and I were going through some of Papa’s things the other day together and my brother held up a Florida road map from the American Oil Company and asked me, “Do you want this?”

Sometimes it’s eerie, I see my Papa in my older brother and when he asked me the question, it was almost as if Papa was asking me.

Papa and I would load up in one of his little cars with his little dog and head off to Florida on many occasions.  Sometimes we would get there and sometimes we would not.  It all depended on who we met along the way and if we found too many other interesting places to stop.

We would eat peanuts, hoop cheese and crackers.  We would try new soda waters along the way.  Papa was guilty of letting little boys drink too many RC Colas, Fanta’s, Nehi’s and any other sugary drink you could get from a roadside store or vending machine.

My older brother knew I wanted the road map of Florida. By asking, he was simply telling me I needed it.

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