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Published: Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 08:36 AM.

Dr. Tom was blind.

Dr. Tom's lost his eyesight right after he started practicing medicine, but through the eyes of his wife he continued practicing medicine for many years. His wife Theresa or "Miss Resa" as she was known traveled with him and told him what she saw, and together they helped a whole lot of folks in Tallapoosa, Randolph and Chambers Counties – going door to door.

You have to ask, “Where did Frogeye or Frog Eye get its name?”

One lady, the “Froglady,” notes that what she was told was that it had to do with a ceramic frog.  The ceramic frog sat in a saloon that was in the area.  The saloon sold both legal and illegal liquor.  Honestly, I don’t know the difference, but evidently there was.  When the “state boys” were in town, the owner of the saloon would close one eye on the frog or have him winking at you.  That was the clue not to ask for or talk about the illegal liquor.

If the frog had both eyes open, all was clear.

It makes perfectly good sense to me.

The Froglady also had a copy of Ms. Irene’s Wash Day Instructions from 1916.  Frogeye’s Ms. Irene was one of the Hodnetts.  The instructions were very thorough including things like “bild fire,” “bilin water,” sorting things into three piles and scrubbing hard.  The list of instructions is a story by itself.

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