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Published: Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 09:15 AM.

For some folks, they just can’t cook without a recipe or step by step instructions, for others, it’s an adventure.  These professional cooks on television are always creating these absolutely gorgeous meals that seem so simple.  These beautiful chefs usually never even break a sweat.

If they would just let me, I could come up with some really good cooking shows that folks would find interesting. 

For example, let Rachael Ray or Giada De Laurentiis start their cooking show normally – then let about five kids loose in the kitchen.  Put one in a bouncy chair on the island, one in a walker, one crawling and maybe a pair of twins about five years old.  The object is to make the meal and take care of the children without screaming or leaving.  About the time Rachael Ray sticks a pacifier in the mouth of the one on the island and picks up the wooden spoon to hand to the one in walker for the 100th time, open the door and let two or three big dogs “come help.”

Now that would be exciting…

You could also have other events going on such as the power going out, the pipes under the sink breaking and an army of ants finding their way to the sugar bowl.  

Entertainment is what it would be.  Better yet, let a man try to do it. Folks seem to love “Reality TV,” that is realityfor a lot for folks.

The other night in my basket (or pantry), I found a bag of dried black-eyed peas, some Quick Grits (they weren’t mine), a can of peaches in heavy syrup and a jar of maraschino cherries.  After doing the quick soak on the peas and cooking the Quick Grits that I did not buy, I opened the peaches and pulled out a few cherries and mixed all of my ingredients together.

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