Two months ago the Board of County Commissioners accomplished a first: holding no regular, or special, meetings during the month of October.

Two months ago the Board of County Commissioners accomplished a first: holding no regular, or special, meetings during the month of October.

The cancellation of October’s regular meeting was the first in at least a decade, likely a first in at least three decades.

The board repeated the feat this month, last week cancelling the only regular meeting scheduled for December.

By the time they convene for January’s regular meeting, the board will have gone four months, the fourth Tuesday in September through to the fourth Tuesday in January, while holding just one regular meeting.

For the 2016 calendar year, the BOCC held 10 regular meetings in the public, by far the fewest of any recorded year.

This will be the first year in recorded history that the BOCC will meet, all told including special meetings or workshops, fewer than 30 times.

The board did hold a special meeting in November, but that meeting was exclusively to finalize the bonds to be used for the local match of a beach restoration project.

There was a regular meeting in November which largely revolved around re-organization with three new commissioners.

The board held a workshop earlier this month that was a new commissioner orientation, essentially two hours of various department heads and other staff describing their responsibilities for the three new commissioners.

And while it is historically a tradition for commissioners to cancel the regular meeting scheduled near Christmas, this has been no ordinary year as this was the first full calendar year under a one-meeting-per-month system put in place in 2015.

According to the BOCC website archive of meeting minutes, October, and now December, were the only months since 2006, the extent of the online archives, that the board did not conduct a regular meeting during the month.

In October there was no meeting; December only the orientation workshop.

The county’s archive is incomplete, however, as it does not reflect two meetings held in January 2014.

However, added to a search of this newspaper’s archives, research showed the board has publicly met at least once every month since 2006.

The board met, including workshops, special meetings and emergency weather meetings, just 27 total times in 2016.

Commissioners moved to one regular meeting per month during the summer of 2015, a year during which the board met in public 35 times, a total that also included two emergency meetings and a joint workshop.

The board held 33 public meetings in 2014 and 30 in 2012.

But in 2013 the board met in public 47 times, 37 times in 2011, 40 times in 2010 and 55 times in 2009.

None of those years, however, topped the 65 public meetings of 2008.

The last year for which meeting minutes are fully archived by the county, 2007, included 52 meetings of the board; in 2006 the number was over 50, though not all are reflected on the county website.

A search of this newspapers archives, housed at the University of Florida Library, shows that the board met a minimum of once per month, typically twice, going back to the 1980s.

The board has changed all that in 2016.