Dear Editor,

Yet another Gulf County Commissioner Board meeting cancelled! Why does this board have a budget line of $242,609? They moved last year to schedule only one meeting a month and then they cancelled two of them. Where is the transparency in our Gulf County Government? The board meetings are suppose to be held so citizens can hold their public officials accountable.

At the November meeting the chairperson retained his position for the third straight year using the argument that it is a full-time position. If the chairperson is in a full time position he must be making dozens of decisions each week that the voters of the county should be made aware of. The citizens have the right to know, that’s why Florida Sunshine Laws were created.

Let’s get back to two meeting a month. Let’s get reports on old business and reports on new and future business that is happening around the county. This county should not be running on just the chairperson decisions. The entire board should have input, the citizens should have input. Gulf County citizens speak up for your rights. Email your commissioner. I’d say go to the meeting but you never know when they are going to have one, or not have one.

What are we paying the commissioners for? What is happening in this county?

Linda Sertich

Beacon Hill