The original “Hawaii Five-O” lasted 12 seasons, with actor Jack Lord, playing the role of Detective Steve McGarrett

The original “Hawaii Five-O” lasted 12 seasons, with actor Jack Lord, playing the role of Detective Steve McGarrett. Jack Lord, who was born John Joseph Patrick Ryan, also was offered a chance to play Captain Kirk in the first “Star Trek” series. Jack was too expensive for the show, requesting to own half the show if he got the role. They didn’t give it to him. As we all know, William Shatner, got the role and the cult following that continues today.

However, Jack Lord was pretty big deal playing the main bad-guy catcher in the series with the catchy theme song. If you grew up with the series, you remember his saying, “Book’em Danno,” to his sidekick Danny Williams, played by James MacArthur. Danno was an expert in defusing bombs and figuring out handwriting. I could use him to read my own writing sometimes.

MacArthur disappeared before the twelfth and final season. No explanation was ever given and Steve McGarrett didn’t say, “Book’em Danno” anymore. The series ended and of course they’ve tried a remake, which I have never watched.

What brought this to mind was a recent conversation with my son who told us he had spent $500 on his textbooks for this term and he still had to get two more. My college loans upon graduation totaled $600. I didn’t know how I would ever pay them off.

Daddy said, “Don’t worry about it, I got it.”

How is it that textbooks cost that much when newspapers and magazines are going out of business every day? I don’t think they should be free, but I do believe with all this digital age we seem to be going through that someone could figure out something better.

I recently saw a fancy graph and being a math guy, I do like fancy graphs. This graph showed a climbing line noting that the costs of college textbooks had gone up over 800 percent since 1980. I started to college in 1981, so doing the backwards math and throwing in some more money for the books my son has yet to purchase, my textbooks would have been less than $100. That sounds about right.

For the record, new home prices have gone up somewhere between 300 and 400 percent.

For those of us with children in college, we have seen the rise in tuition. They say the rise is not as much as the textbooks, but I remember what a year’s worth of tuition was and I don’t even want to do the math on the difference between mine and my children’s.

Hopefully someone will figure this out. I don’t think college or books should be free and there is a lot of good in mopping floors and cutting grass to pay your way. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that you would need to mop a lot of floors to buy a book, let alone pay for tuition, a place to sleep and not starve to death.

Maybe more folks will take the carpentry, plumbing and electrician routes. Based on my experience paying those bills, those folks could afford to buy books and go to college – but I think they were too smart for that…

Education is a wonderful thing and mine has served me well, so I will figure out how to pay for my son’s textbooks and see that he doesn’t starve. I guess you could say that my “real education” didn’t start until my kids left for college.

I’m proud of them and I think the best thing I can do is to enjoy watching them do well. Could someone please cue up that snappy theme song from “Hawaii Five-O?”

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