Liquor is still the dirtiest drug around.

It has put millions of people in the ground.

It has broken up homes, caused murders by the score,

Child abuse, accidents, suicides and more.

But society today thinks this is OK.

Just don’t run over my family and stay out of the way.

Your liver, your body and your brain, too,

Will be consumed by this devil’s brew.

It’s breaking hearts and bringing sighs,

And wringing tears from many eyes.

If you’re a Christian, did you ever think?

Just how it makes your witness stink.

The lost are watching every day, what you say and do.

They say you’re no different from them; y’all drink the same old brew.

A booze-befuddled brain brings brawls, bumps and bruises.

I’ve been there and done that folks, there are no excuses.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t let it be said.

You led someone to hell by the life you led.