Well, there’s one thing for certain. Donald Trump has been good for the health of America

Well, there’s one thing for certain. Donald Trump has been good for the health of America. He’s got women out marching from one end of the country to the other! I don’t want this to come out wrong……and I have gone on record with my doubts about President Trump…..but some of those ladies looked like they were in dire need of a little exercise.

I saw that gathering up in Chicago and thought at first it was a Weight Watchers Convention.

Listen, he’s got Americans talking to each other again. Ladies from all walks of life are gathering up wherever they can find a grassy knoll. I’ve seen waitresses arm in arm with movie actresses. Librarians have shed their cubicles. Businesswomen have abandoned their keyboards. Think of the new friendships. The lifelong bonding…..

Trump has done more good in the last week for the Democratic Party than if Andrew Jackson, Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy rose from the dead to deliver a keynote address. I’m telling you, it takes a heap to get two Democrats to agree on anything! They’ve had more public feuds than the Hatfields and McCoys. And you can only imagine the back room caucuses and the off camera parleys. Famed humorist Will Rogers put it a bit more succinctly, “I’m not a member of any organized political party, I am a Democrat.”

That’s all ancient history. Trump has got them meeting in Washington. Los Angles. San Francisco. Portland, Oregon. Paris, France.

And such orators! The folks leading these rallies would make William Jennings Bryan look like he was tongue tied. I can’t tell exactly what they are wailing for or against…...except I get pretty clearly that part about them thinking we’ve elected the wrong man……but I admire their passion and obvious concern for what they imagine is best for our country. I’m not sure about their choice of words at times.

I would like to have had the concessions for that crowd congregated on the mall in Washington. Or how about a pizza place in downtown Chicago, a sidewalk café in Baltimore or a bistro in Seattle….. It was certainly a welcome uptick for our economy. And I don’t know who owns the big hotels in our major cities, but that guy made a killing off these rallies!

One thing is for sure. We are separating ourselves into “us and them.” Every rally drives that point home emphatically. I spend more time analyzing which side the political “annalist” is on than I do listening to his or her story. It’s hard, if not impossible, to remain neutral; to have an open mind; to gather the facts and make an informed decision. Everyone is vying to make up your mind for you. I don’t know if that is good or bad; right or wrong.

I’m thankful I’m not responsible for the design and operation of the First Amendment.

Aaron Pinson was the police chief back home for as long as I can remember. Y. D. Moore was the mayor. Ed Wiley ran things down at city hall. I could not tell you if they were Democrats or Republicans. It just never came up. They all liked Ike…..when he fought for higher hog prices and farm subsidies. But they sure remembered that F. D. R. led us out of the Great Depression.

Mules outnumbered elephants in our little town. But I think it was more due to the problem of hooking a plow up to an elephant than any political implications. Folks turned out on Election Day, enjoyed the speeches and free pencils, voted for Mr. Y. D. and moseyed on over to the hardware store and bought some chicken feed.

It was political naiveness to the nth degree! Or maybe it was political bliss. ’Course, we had our fair share of “tolerable” sized ladies back then. They used lots of Crisco and pure hog lard—this was before Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn put slim on the map—and sadly, they didn’t have a cause to march down to the city square, mill about, exercising their legs and lungs as they hollered at Mayor Moore. They didn’t realize the health benefits of a good, sturdy protest.

I don’t know that the current story is gong to get any better. Both sides seem to have their minds pretty well made up. Us guys in the middle are going to get whiplash trying to keep up with this thing.

And if you say a word, you can chap folks on both sides in a heartbeat. Some, I’m sure will protest this article. Some will think I ought to mind my own business. Write about the Park Theatre or playing cowboys and Indians down at the big ditch.

A huge rally may spring up to get me disbarred. But wait, not too fast! Give me time to boil some peanuts and get some hot dogs down to where the protesters are gathering up……..