I paid my Federal Income Taxes yesterday. Reluctantly.

I paid my Federal Income Taxes yesterday. Reluctantly.

Then I wondered if George Washington paid income taxes. Did Paul Revere pay income taxes? I’m pretty sure Thomas Jefferson didn’t—he rarely, if ever, had any money!

Then I remembered the Boston Tea Party. You can bet those guys didn’t pay any kind of taxes to anybody! And what actually happened to that founding American principle, “No taxation without representation”. I’ve been paying these things most all my life……and not one president, congressman, state senator, governor or city commissioner has ever asked me what I thought.

I trusted Jefferson, John Adams, James Monroe and the other “framers” to get it right. I don’t remember “income taxes” even being mentioned in the original Constitution. And what good is the Bill of Rights if it doesn’t protect us from our own government!

And listen, I’m not mad at anyone this morning. I’m not appealing for a “call to arms.” I’m not protesting nothing. I’m just wondering out loud, “Are we getting all the government we’re paying for?”

Of course, the answer might be, “Thankfully not!”

I believe Abe Lincoln could have fixed this thing if he hadn’t been so busy with other matters. You can bet he kept every penny of his rail splitting business. Mostly he borrowed to finance the Civil War. Although, on second thought, didn’t the North attempt a form of income tax to help pay for their aggression?

We figured “down here” it was just another Yankee trick!

I am vaguely aware of the Sixteenth Amendment. I can’t imagine what those people were thinking! They could have gotten any amount of money they needed from John D. Rockefeller. And I can’t possibly fathom anything that was going on in 1913 that would require money from every working adult in the United States.

I think the government took that money and roared through the twenties. And I reckon the Great Depression fell on us in part because all the common people were sending in their hard earned cash to Washington.

The feds, under the cover of World War II, started taking the tax money directly out of our paychecks. We, in essence, were paying them before we were paying us! Of course this was the same government that just a few years before was taking our tax money and paying us NOT to raise hogs. Or plant tomatoes.

It’s no wonder Will Rogers wrote, “It’s easy to be a humorist in this county when you’ve got the whole Congress working for you.”

I liked it better when I was a kid. I picked up those walnuts for Mrs. Boaz. She gave me a dime. I got to keep the whole thing. I lifeguarded down at the Twin Pools for fifty cents an hour. I kept ALL the money at the end of the week. I hauled hay for Chick King for a penny a bail…….and kept every penny he gave me.

Coca-Colas cost a nickel and you could get a penny back if you returned the bottle. Levi jeans were two dollars a pair. You could buy your best girlfriend a hamburger, fries and a chocolate malt for less than a buck. You could go to town with a little change in your pocket and feel like a king!

Life really isn’t too complicated till you get your first 1040 Form.

I can subtract line 36 from line 22. I can attach Form 8917. Because I was born before January 2, 1952, I have to multiply line 2 by 7.5 percent........ But the thing I can’t figure out is what numbers go on line 36 and line 22, where do I find Form 8917 and how come my age makes a difference on how much I’ve got to pay.

I’d like some Federal assurance that Mrs. Boaz and Chick King are paying their fair share. Is this system reasonable and equal across the board? And why am I being taxed (a second time) on money I have previously loaned to the government and they are paying it back to me now in small increments under some type of hide and go seek program they call Social Security?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a hint of accountability as to where all of our tax money is going? And how, pray tell, when you think of all the money me and you have sent in, could this country be three hundred trillion dollars (or whatever it is) in debt? I lay awake at night wondering who we owe this money to. And what are we going to do when the note comes due?

Please don’t talk “Republicans or Democrats” to me. Both parties during my lifetime have been “in” long enough to fix this problem. Their solution historically seems to be another line on the 1040 Form!

Well, clearly, I’m no expert on the Federal Income Tax system. In all my life I’ve never met anybody that was. Maybe that speaks to the root of the problem…..