The people of this country worry and with plenty of reason I’d say.

Over 3,000 babies a day are killed by abortion, in the good old U.S.A.

Many have family problems, many are in a financial bind.

Some worry about national security, some just party and drink themselves blind.

A nation that kills that many babies, God is not going to bless.

We have to start putting God first, that’s the reason we’re in such a mess.

He was kicked out of school, kids are told they can’t pray.

Another reason prisons are full today.

Kids killing kids and teachers too.

No wonder people worry about what to do.

The things we put before God, we’ll leave them all on earth.

Why then do we try to have so much, when we really know their worth?

If we as a nation, will confess our sin and turn from our wicked ways,

He will forgive our sin.

He has said it and done it in the past and I believe He’ll do it again.

He has made our nation great and He can break it too.

I pray we all will put God first, I’m going to heaven; are you?


Billy Johnson