Toucan’s in Mexico Beach is expanding, not to another restaurant location, but into the residential development world.

Toucan’s in Mexico Beach is expanding, not to another restaurant location, but into the residential development world.

The City of Mexico Beach’s City Council voted Tuesday that construction can go forward on Toucans Restaurant LLC’S Ocean View subdivision after a positive recommendation from the city’s Planning and Zoning Board.

The 11-home development would be located on north side 8th Street where Toucan’s overflow parking is located.

Even though the development falls within Mexico Beach’s Land Development Regulation (LDR) ratio of six units per acre and follows other regulations in place in the LDR, neighbors were not too excited to see 11 lots plus a pool and pool house squeezed into the two-acre plot of ground.

They made their case at both the Planning and Zoning Board meeting, as well as the regular city council meeting.

Members of the public at the Planning and Zoning board meeting argued against the development order, saying that the small lot size would set a precedent that Mexico Beach wouldn’t be able to pull back from.

The lots range from 39.3 feet to 50 feet wide, and 83- 95 feet deep, according to plans from Southeastern Consulting Engineers, Inc., with proposed dwelling sizes of around 850 square feet.

The development plan had been reviewed multiple times by the city’s consulting engineer, each time the developers corrected areas that were in violation of the LDR.

With the approval of the consulting engineer, who said the development fell within the boundaries set forward in the LDR, members of the P&Z felt they had no option but to recommend to city council that the development order be approved, and the city council followed that recommendation.

However, both the P&Z and the city council also agreed that the matter of LDR lot size requirements needs to be studied and looked at in the near future.

Medical Marijuana

The Council also passed an ordinance to put a 180-day moratorium on all matters involving the growth and distribution of medical marijuana.

The 180 days will give the city time to study the issue and come out with regulations regarding the medical marijuana issue, as the state publishes their guidelines.

The state rollout of regulation on this issue has been anything but clear and concise, and Mexico Beach followed the path that other municipalities have taken in enacting a moratorium.

Members of the city council, and planning and zoning board, have been instructed to study the issue, as well as to study similar situations such as the sale of alcohol in order to best come up with appropriate regulations.

City Mooring Fees

Also passed was an ordinance which allows the city council to establish mooring fees by resolution instead of ordinance.

The city then promptly passed Resolution 2017-03, updating the fees associated with mooring.

Daily mooring will now cost $30 with no electric, with a dollar added for electric if needed.

Weekly mooring increased to $173 without electric, and $180 with electric.

Monthly will be $263 without and $294 with electric. With the option to lease a storage box for $15.

A storage box is included with the flat rate of $3000 for annual mooring. A storage box in not available with daily or weekly mooring.

Mayor Tom Bailey also announced that the city’s dredge should be delivered soon, although the city has been told that the dredge was on its way for the past couple weeks.

Once the dredge is available, the sheet pile expansion at the mouth of the canal can be completed, and the city will again open the canal to regular traffic.