Out of the classroom and into the workforce!

Out of the classroom and into the workforce!

Last week six students from the High School High Tech Program at Port St. Joe High School spent a morning job shadowing at various businesses. The HSHT program is a program under Dyslexic Research Institute, partially funded by ABLE Trust and Florida Vocational Rehibition, and is focused on empowering high functioning students with disabilities, age 14-19, providing experiences to prepare them for employment after high school, whether that includes post-secondary college education or vocational training. Through the program, students have real world work experiences to expand their choices they might choose as they obtain skills to enter the workforce.

Students chose businesses to shadow that included St. Joseph Bay Humane Society, the Gulf County Sherriff’s Office, Sand Dollar Café, Fairpoint Communications, Beach Realty, St. Joseph Bay Buffer Preserve, and Capital City Bank. We appreciate these businesses giving their time to work with all our students.

At the Gulf County Sherriff’s Office, students Howard Townsend and James Gliem spent the day with Investigator Larry Dickey. The students chose the sheriff’s office to get a better understanding of what local law enforcement does to see if it’s a career they might be interested in pursuing. Detective Dickey took them from one end of the system to the other, from intake at the Sheriff’s Office to the courtroom and showed them all the various jobs that were required in the system.

It was a busy day for students Joel Cummings, Kelly Houk, and Nick Ward, who spent the day at the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society with Caisey Rodgers. The students had an amazing day with Caisey, and got to learn things about adoption and caring for animals that they might not have known had they not been given the chance to shadow. Fun was had by all at the Humane Society, including the animals.

At Sand Dollar Café, student Jaquaven Malone spent the day with Scott Warren and Alex Neville. Jaquaven got the distinct pleasure of helping to make the afternoon lunch. He learned just what it takes to run a restaurant and serve the general republic.

After a hard day on the job, the students and their mentors shared their experiences and what they learned at lunch at Sunset Coastal Grill.

“The day was just amazing.” Activities Director Heather Gainous said. “The students were given an incredible opportunity by all of the businesses that were involved. Anyone wanting to become a mentor to these students may contact me or Dr. Pat Hardman at 227-7799.”