Just imagine if you came home after a wonderful vacation to find that your house had been burglarized by your house sitter. To add insult to injury, your faithful companion is also missing. You search in vain to find your dog around the neighborhood and at the local shelter. You post flyers with his cute face on them in hopes that someone will find him. Time passes and he’s now just a wonderful memory. But wait!

A call comes in from the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society (SJBHS) shelter in Port St. Joe. That’s 220 miles from home in Bay Minette, Alabama! How did he get there?

Debbie Fountain, adoption coordinator for the shelter, said that our dog was picked up as a stray in Wewahitchka and brought to the shelter. Shelter intake protocol includes scanning the dog or cat for a microchip. The dog had a chip that was registered to Home Again Microchip. The company, which has a national database, was able to provide the contact information for the owners. The owners drove to Port St. Joe for a great reunion. This reunion would not have been possible without the tiny chip with powerful information.

SJBHS has a microchip program to help lost pets reunite with their families. The cost for chipping at the shelter is $25. The chip is then registered for one year with Home Again. The registration in the national database contains the owner’s contact information. Owners are then responsible to renew and/or update contact information yearly.

Many animals are reunited with families each month at SJBHS because of microchipping. This helps get pets home again. It also saves owners money on shelter fees or fines that occur when a pet is picked up by animal control. To have a pet chipped please stop by the shelter at 1007 10th Street in Port St. Joe or call 227-1103 for more information. Let’s give all pets a chance to come home again.