Dear Editor,

State audit found local dollars paid state scholarships…..who cares?

“We are moving on”….”the audit report closes the book”……..the question is how did we get here? Who authorized the disbursement of local funds for a state program? Who issued the checks? Who signed the checks?

Where does one look for the “check and balance” system to ensure this type of mismanagement doesn’t continue to happen. What is the role of the school board? Don’t they approve expenditures? Are folks afraid to speak up and just say no! Now the school district is out some $192,000.00.

Unlike the county commission where a favorable vote can get roads paved in your district… board members don’t enjoy this “perk”…so why not speak up???? Wrong is Wrong! If it doesn’t meet the established law, rules or procedures vote no…period!

It appears we are at a point of “apathy” that dictates that one can do as one likes…if it goes against procedures, law are just plain common sense… it anyway and ask for forgiveness later. What the hey….it’s not my money and besides we just got a mil levied (providing over one million more dollars per year) to cover any future mistakes or misgiving? Speaking of that mil….only 11 percent of the qualified voters voted in what was a “very expensive” special election for that one issue! The bigger question is what part of that 11 percent were property tax payers, considering only about 32 percent of the land owners in the county pay property taxes.

One might wonder if some of this was not “hush” money??? Why one might ask …. it appears anything goes…..just move on and close the books. The next election is a few years away and given the memory of voters it should be clear sailing.

One wonders too, if Jesse James would not have loved Gulf County.

How pitiful!


Bo Williams

St. Joe Beach/Beacon Hill