Nolan Treglown wondered aloud who Mary Gibson was talking about.

As Gibson waxed rhapsodic about Treglown’s years, heck, decades, of support for the Gulf County Libraries, Treglown interrupted.

“Are we talking about the same person?” Treglown pressed Gibson.

She, in turn, assured him she was, that his years of effort, lobbying with local officials and volunteering at the library had not done unnoticed, even if, maybe, he wished it had.

The occasion was last Saturday’s reception to honor Treglown, along with his wife, Jane, for their tireless efforts on behalf of the public library.

“His name is synonymous with the library,” Gibson said. “He worked for it, volunteered so much of his time and effort.

“And he’s done so quietly. The reason we are as firmly established as we are today is because of Nolan. (He and Jane) are a couple, they did their good work together.”

The quiet man received quite an accolade as the library’s history room will now be named in his honor.

Treglown has devoted the bulk of 24 years to the library, serving as member, and sometimes president, of both the library board and the board of the Northwest Florida Library system.

He has also, Gibson noted, been the library’s champion, reminding elected officials, residents and visitors that the library needs consistent support and nurturing.

“I have enjoyed it so much,” Treglown said. “What did I do? I appreciate you folks thinking I did something.”

In part, the ceremony was about raising awareness that “it takes selfless volunteers such as Nolan to maintain the strength of our institutions we enjoy,” in the words of a press release announcing last Saturday’s festivities.

Nolan received an additional gift.

Cathey Colbert, president of the Friends of the Library, said she always enjoyed running into Treglown at the Post Office, where, invariably, the conversation would veer into history and their favorite Founding Father.

“We are both Thomas Jefferson fans,” Colbert said.

She, in turn, presented him with the book, “The Art of Power” by Jon Meachum, a book she noted, it took a bit of time to assure he did not already have without spilling the secret.