Dear Editor,

I went down by the Boat Launch today to see if I could get to my fishing spot yet. I wade out off the rocks. Can't get down there yet, but the crew is working. Their not leaning on shovels and texting, their actually working. So I went down by the Visitors Center, looking for another access point. My first impression was "Wow! Look at this big, beautiful building that no one ever goes too." Then I walked down to the Bay. On the way, I looked to the left of the path, trash. I looked to the right, trash. Stuff that's been there so long the colors have faded on the cans and labels. I got down to the bay, same story. Trash all along the beach. On my way back, I stopped by the pond with the fountain in the middle. Guess what? It’s full of trash. There's an artist there, painting. I wonder if she's including the trash?

If you go out to the State Park on the Cape, you may see some trash by it won't be there within two hours. How many employees are working at the Visitors Center and what do they do all day? How about getting them some waders and trash pickers and send them out once a week? Want to impress visitors? Trash is not the way to do it. I'm a two-time cancer survivor and I don't have the energy I used to have but give me a little cash incentive and a couple of weeks and I'll clean it up! It would be money well spent and it would be easy for the employees to keep it up.

Dennis Maulding

Retired Park Ranger

Port St. Joe, FL