It’s too late now, but I was just reading that if you wash your face in the dew you collect on the first day of May, you’ll have a youthful appearance and enhance your beauty. Maybe I’ll write that down for next year and just use it as an excuse for not being beautiful until then. They also say that it is bad luck to wash a blanket in May or to buy a broom. I can’t remember the last time I bought a broom.

Normally, I don’t think of ice hockey in May, or really any other month for that matter. However, with the recent success of the professional team in Nashville, my children who live there seem to have gotten me watching the hockey playoffs. Hockey is a hard game to understand for someone who grew up in the South on football and 1-inch “Snow Days” when all the schools closed.

However, I will jump on the bandwagon and cheer for the team based in the Music City because it’s fun and it’s something I can do with my children. One of my daughters, who is home for the summer and has a new puppy. I like puppies, but this one tends to want to play rough and I have the scars on my hands to prove it.

It could be that he has been watching so much hockey lately, she even has him wearing a hockey jersey with his name on the back. Like most puppies, he plays hard, eats and sleeps a lot.

The other reason he could be getting aggressive is that I’ve been letting him watch wrestling, or “wrasslin” as some folks down home call it. I’m not sure what prompted me to sit there and watch wrestling on television with an overly aggressive poodle puppy, but we did. I cut the cable off a few months ago and one of the stations I get with my antenna shows wrestling matches.

What puzzled me while watching the wrestling matches was what the fellows in the ring were wearing, as well as the fans sitting around watching. Growing up, the lady who used to keep my brothers and me when both of my parents were working, had a thing for wrestling down at the city auditorium. She liked to go to the matches and yell at the bad guys.

As I remember it, most of the bad guys, and some of the good guys, wore masks, sometimes fancy, sometimes scary. Well, with this wrestling I was watching on television, it was the fans who were wearing masks. A lot of them had surgical masks on and it was obvious by looking at the crowd that this was taking place in another country other than America.

I’m not real sure what would require the folks in the crowd to wear surgical masks to a wrestling match unless there was some sort of epidemic going on or maybe there are a lot of germs at a wrestling match. The puppy didn’t seem to notice the masks, he was busy gnawing at my fingers, getting ready for the next hockey game.

Generally, I think of Mother’s Day and Memorial Day in May, rather than hockey or professional wrestling. Sometimes we find ourselves in a trance and need to be bitten by a puppy to realize that life is real and it is short and probably best not wasted worrying about why the fans are wearing masks instead of the fellows in yoga pants throwing each other up in the air.

I just got back from the beach, where the highlight was watching an older couple simply walk together. They were walking on the sidewalk slowly, seemingly having the best of times. Probably in their eighties, the lady had her hand the fellow’s back, letting him know she was there and he was loved. That is better than any dew collected on the first day of May.

That’s the kind of stuff you want to see and experience in May and every other month.

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