Sir Knight Alphonso Sheppard, a member of R.A. Driesbach, Sr. Lodge #77 Knights of Pythias, received his Past Chancellor Degree at the 128th Grand Lodge Session held in Panama City May 19-23. During the ceremony, the Committee on Grand Lodge Degree admitted, recorded and invested him with the work and prerogatives of the rank of Past Chancellor and his name was duly recorded as such upon the Roster in the archives of the Grand Lodge, Jurisdiction of Florida. By virtue of these facts Sir Knight Sheppard is entitled to hold an Office at the Grand/State level and is entitled to all honors, privileges and fraternal courtesies due a Sir Knight of his standing.

The Knights of Pythias is among the oldest organizations in North America founded in 1864, and dedicated to universal peace and goodwill and the practice of Friendship, Charity and Benevolence. Pythians are also dedicated to creating strong communities through a wide range of social service projects.