Dear Editor:

The people of Gulf County deserve better service from the local telephone/internet service provider, MediaCom. For the last 13 days we have had poor, spotty, interrupted service for both telephone and internet service. A service appointment was set up for four days later when MediaCom was first notified of the problems. Yes, a service technician kept the appointment and stated there were definite problems, but he was unable to fix them and he would refer the problems to “Maintenance” which should correct the problem within 24 – 48 hours. To date, after numerous contacts with MediaCom to no avail, the problems continue. To be specific re: phones: no dial tone, unable to answer calls and/or place calls, phone connection going dead in the middle of a conversation when you can get a call through, static and unable to hear; Internet: long delays and time outs when connecting and extremely long delays in sending/receiving emails. This is a very dangerous situation on the Cape when you may or may not be able to communicate with law enforcement or medical providers for emergencies. Also there is little to no cell phone service on the North end of the Cape, even with the installation of the new tower. Yes, we are switching providers.

Kaye Harris

Cape San Blas