Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in our gut.” Balancing the bacteria that lives there is essential to our good health. However, there are toxins and chemicals responsible for killing the “good” bacteria in our gut, causing gastrointestinal issues, and a host of other symptoms and illnesses. These toxins and chemicals enter the body by either drinking, showering, or bathing in unfiltered tap water.


Our skin is the largest organ on our body. When toxins and chemicals enter the body via our skin by bathing or showering, it bypasses the kidneys for purification, so it is actually more damaging than drinking it.


In my own life, after a year of feeling increasingly ill and being subjected to extensive testing, I finally realized something even my doctors and holistic practitioners hadn’t considered.


My daily baths were making me sick.


While many water municipalities use Chlorine to disinfect the water, it is at the top of the list as a known carcinogen.


My house tested like that of a swimming pool, or, one part per million.


The Chlorine took it’s toll on my body by first depleting my B12 to the point of anemia. Many severe illneses are marked with deficient B12 levels, so this was my personal wake-up call.


What followed were a host of symptoms that developed as bloating and weight gain, abnormal body hygeniene and severe cramping and indigestion. I was urinating 5-6 times at night, which caused me to dehydrate. My hair started to thin, my back and scalp itched excessively, and the most astounding- the skin on my abdomen, legs and arms started to shrivel as if I were 20 years older than my biological age.


As I began to connect the dots, I became increasingly obsessed with researching the effects of Chlorine on the body. I found article after article discussing every symptom I’d experienced.


To test my theory, I looked for a holistic way to temporarily neutralize the Chlorine, knowing that if my theory proved correct, I would need a whole house water filtration system.


1000mg of Ascorbic Acid, Vitamen C was the holistic short term solution.


1 teaspoon added to my bath, and within 24 hours, my digestive tract felt calm for the first time in over a year. Within one week, I was no longer urinating at night. My B12 numbers stabilized and held. My hygeniene issues disappeared.


Unfortunately, my skin is still severely damaged. I am not sure this can be reversed.


The topic of the quality of our local tap water is rarely discussed or acknolwedged. With all the new visitors, residents and growth, we need to ensure everyone is informed. Building or buying a new house is the perfect opportunity to install a whole house water filtration system.


There are many whole house systems on the market. I have chosen to work with a local company, Aqua Pro aquapros.com. The monthly fees are nominal (less than a cup of gourmet coffee a day), and worth the investment. Whole house systems are capable of filtering out Chlorine, Arsenic, VOC’s, Flouride, Parasites, Lead and Rust.


If you are not able to make this investment, or you think you may also be the victim of high exposure to Chlorinated water, at the very least, add Vitamen C/Ascorbic acid in powder form to your baths, and especially your children’s baths. It can be purchased for a reasonable amount on Amazon.com.


I did not have luck with my Culligan showerhead that was supposed to reduce Chlorine. But an alternative is to spray your body with Vitamen C water when you get done with your shower.


Other considerations- do not inhale the steam while running a bath, and take cooler showers to avoid Chlorinated steam going into your lungs. Even this seemingly harmless entry into the body can wreak havoc over time.


This is a treatable situation. Unfortunately, because it seems “invisable”, it is easy to push aside as a priority. It is our ultimate personal responsibility to be aware and address these issues for our own good health and more importantly, that of your children.