At the June meeting of Rotary Club of Port St. Joe, a young citizen was recognized.


At the June meeting of Rotary Club of Port St. Joe, a young citizen was recognized.

Tyrek Sims, a recent graduate of Port St. Joe Jr. / Sr. High School, received the club’s Rotary Citizen Award.

While the group gives an annual scholarship, the need for an award not tied to academics was felt after a local student applied for the scholarship but was turned down because she was not enrolled at an accredited university.

So instead of turning down the student, who went on to go to EMT school, the Rotary Club came up with the Citizen Award.

While going on to a college or university is not a requirement of the award, Sims does plan on using the funds to further his education as he travels north to Valdosta State University in Georgia to study Communication and Speech Pathology.

“The award means a lot,” Sims said. “It will help me in college and I will use it for college and not other purposes.”

At Valdosta State, Sims will study communication disorders to become speech therapists.

He was inspired to take up speech therapy because of a young nephew who is forced to see a speech therapist due to a communication disorder.

While Sims has gained an extra $1,000 for his studies, he said that studying the principles of the Rotary Four-Way Test and its impact on the club, he has gained knowledge that will benefit him in the future.

According to Sims, the Four Way Test’s principles of fairness and goodwill towards others are his favorites.

“To think about others is to show you care, and not only that you care, it shows that you are not self-centered and that you want to see other people be successful,” Sims said.

The award was sponsored by Sunset Coastal Grill, Centennial Bank, Capitol City Bank, Duren’s Piggly Wiggly, Costin & Costin, Jim Lowry, and Aaron Farnsley.


The Four-Way Test

By Tyrek Sims


To consider if things are true, fair, will build better friendships or are beneficial are important things. These things can help a person’s character, life, and professional journey. My parents want me to continue to be truthful and think of others, as Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor did. The Four-Way Test teaches others how to care about others. Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor saved his company with this test and it can be used by others to help them in life.

Whether something is true or not is one of the most important things. To be truthful can help friendships and can save someone from being in trouble. To be truthful helps my character because it shows I can be trusted. To tell the truth is something that also helps me in life. It teaches me not to be a liar. Being truthful can help me in my professional life because it can show my boss I could be trusted. To be truthful is important because it is a value that can be cherished.

To be fair is to be humble. I want to be fair because it shows others that I care about them. Being fair influences my character because it teaches me not to only think about myself. It can help my life to show me how to be concerned about others. Fairness could help my professional journey in a way that teaches me how to work with others. It can also show my boss I can be trusted to make the right decision.

When making choices, the effect on others is often left out. I want my choices to help me and others. I don’t want it to destroy relationships. Being concerned about others can help my character because it helps me not be self-centered. In life, making choices that benefits friendships can make me have good connections with others. In my professional journey making good choices can build good relationships with my coworkers.

To not think of yourself is a good thing to practice. Many choices are made to benefit the person making them. I want my choices to benefit everyone. Making good choices can build good friendships. Having that trait helps my character because it shows that I am thinking of others. I don’t like to be self-centered and think of only myself. Making choices that help others will help me in life because it will help someone other than myself. It can also help my professional journey because it will make where I work a better environment.

The Four-Way Test is a great thing. Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor demonstrated his care for others when he made this test. It has taught me how to not only think of myself. It is something that helps me personally and something that will help me in college and in life.