The Port St. Joe Garden Club held its annual flower show last Saturday to celebrate National Garden Week. The show had two divisions: Designs and Horticulture.

Designs were in the classes of “Sunshine,” “Sandcastles,” and “Beaches.”

The Award for Design Excellence was given to Lynn Newton and a first-place ribbon was given to Mary Harrison. Other design entries were submitted by Barbara Conway, Sarah Darden, Patty Dunlap, Nancy Edwards, Linda Fitch, Carolyn Holman, Elaine Jackson, Sue Meyer, Lynn Newton, Wendy Summers, Jeanne Schlichting, and Carol Weber.

Horticulture specimens were all grown locally by garden club members.

Carolyn Holman won the Award of Horticulture Excellence for her desert rose, Sarah Darden was given a Special Award for her pitcher plant, and Linda Fitch received the Arboreal Award for her Kaffir lime tree. Awards of Merit were presented to Nancy Edwards, Linda Fitch and Mary Harrison.

Blue first-place ribbons were awarded to Barbara Conway, Era Daniell, Jean Fortner, Saundra Grace, Elaine Jackson, Betty Lewis, Sue Meyers, Lynn Newton, Jeanne Schlichting, and Susan Wozniak.

In the Horticulture Youth Division, a first-place blue ribbons was won by Miss Ansley Joy Grace.

Many visitors to Port St. Joe and people from the community enjoyed this wonderful show in the historic Garden Center. Robyn Rennick won the Patio Party Raffle Basket.

A grand “Thank-you” to all, visitors and participants, who made the flower show a huge success.