If you’ve watched television at all in the last few years, you’ve seen the cell phone commercial with the fellow moving around in various places demonstrating that the cell phone company he was advertising had superior coverage. We’ve all experienced “dead spots” or driven through areas where we had no cell phone coverage. However, it seems like cell phones work just about everywhere I go now.

Maybe I need to get out in the country or rural areas more.

We live in a time where there seems to be a lot of folks saying things and putting them out there for the world to see and hear with no regard as to thinking about what they are saying. I do believe in free speech, but there are limits to what folks should say and do in front of others.

I’m sure many would disagree with me, but I just think some things are downright embarrassing, especially if these folks have children or mothers.

I will admit to sometimes saying or thinking things that I don’t want others to hear or know. I’m not going to write it on a sign or get on the television or internet and start broadcasting it. At least I’m not going to do it on purpose. That might be a little hypocritical, but a fellow has the right to complain about folks who get over in the passing lane and just kind of coast over there because the pavement is better.

Yes, if I’m alone I will say out loud what I think about those left lane drivers and if I’m alone, I will yell at the lawn mower for not starting. I might even call the lawn mower names. Names similar to the names I call the squirrels for getting in my bird feeders. Names that only a Daddy who served in the Navy would understand.

It’s rare, but I’ve caught myself a couple of times saying things out loud, I wouldn’t dare say if I knew someone was listening.

Over the weekend, I was out digging in the mulch in my front yard. I was digging up the wire that attaches to my landscape lighting which points at the house and up into trees. One light, the one under my Little Gem Dwarf Magnolia tree was not working. I had disconnected and connected and tried a new light and just couldn’t figure it out. All of other lights were working, thus, I got frustrated.

If you are going to have lights, you have to have one shining up into your Little Gem Dwarf Magnolia tree.

Very frustrated, I called the light, the wire or the situation a name. No one was in the front yard with me, as a matter of fact, I was the only one at home. It’s not something I’m proud of and it is definitely something I wouldn’t do if my wife was listening.

But she was…

It seems that I had my cell phone in the back pocket of my blue jeans and I unknowingly literally “butt-dialed” her and allowed her to hear my tirade about the light. It was meant for the light to hear, not her. She called back about an hour later and asked who I was calling “names.” I explained to her that it was the light under the Magnolia tree.

Later, when she didn’t bring up the situation again, I could only assume that it was because I did finally get the spotlight working. I suppose it was because the light got tired of me calling it names.

Later in the evening, another lady, who I did not know, called me to ask if I had called her from my cell phone. I didn’t want to explain my name-calling or the light shining on the Magnolia anymore, so I just said, “If I did, it was by mistake.” I should have said my phone was stolen for fear of my leaving a recording on her phone.

My lesson is that I should simply just “think” about saying some things, rather than saying them out loud. Like many of us, the fellow famous for asking “Can you hear me now?” switched cell phone companies and is now pushing a different service. Perhaps, I should check into one that prevents me from calling folks by mistake.

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