Does it matter? Honestly, I do not think that it does. I will just kind of be moving on. I know it’s not the kind of thing folks want to think about, but maybe I would like to think that I have a choice when it comes my time to leave this place.

What brings these thoughts to mind? Once a term, I explain the basics of probability to my students. I explain to them that probabilities can be no lower than zero and no higher than 1. The analogy I use, is this, “The probability of me having a baby is zero, the probability of me dying, is 1.” So at least once every 8 weeks it crosses my mind, at least in a mathematical sense.

The other reason I started thinking about where I would like to be planted or spread is that one of my best friends in the world came home in a box the other day. We chose to have our beloved big dog, Doolittle, cremated and also decided we wanted his remains or ashes.

He was in a nice wooden box, with an engraved brass name plate. Of course seeing this, hit us all again really hard. Now we have this beautiful box with his name on it and I guess we need to put it somewhere prominent. I’m not sure I can do it, but I would kind of like to take him with me when I go.

I would like to ask that my family not bury me anywhere near Marilyn Monroe, that’s for sure. It’s not that I have anything against her, she actually died before I was born. However, I do know that she was buried in this fancy cemetery in Los Angeles, California. How fancy? The crypt or slot just above Marilyn sold for around four and a half million dollars about eight years ago.

There is humor to be found there, but we are talking about dead folks and dying, so I just won’t go there. I will note that a person who can spend that much money on such a drawer or hole in a building has too much money for their own good.

Princess Diana was buried on a private island in the middle of a lake, owned by the family. I can’t afford that either, and as much as I would like to sit out on an island and fish, it just wouldn’t make much sense.

Some famous people are pretty normal. Johnny Cash, whose music I will always love, was buried in a cemetery close to home in Hendersonville, Tennessee. There’s a Bible verse on his grave and his autograph. Right there beside him is his wife, who I also enjoyed listening to and learning about how she tried to keep Johnny straight.

Folks move around the country now and are often very far away from where they grew up, it’s a difficult decision. A decision that comes at an emotional time, when folks are vulnerable to spending too much money on such things.

So, as far as I’m concerned, save the money for my grandchildren, I will let you know what to do with me. If I go before I do let you know, ask my good buddy, he will know.

As for my dog and friend, Doolittle, I think I might just put that box on the vent under the kitchen table. He liked that spot, it was his safe place or fort or whatever you want to call it. He would go under the table and just wait until it was time to eat or go on an adventure.

So, if you come to my house and see that fancy wooden box with a nice brass nameplate under my table, just leave it there. I’ll pick it up when I go.

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