Early childhood education is not only beneficial to children but also their parents. While the children are attending school, parents can finish high school and graduate, go to college and get a degree in a field of their choice, or just go to work to provide for their family. All of these enable the family to grow professionally and financially. Parents can achieve all their goals while their child is learning and growing. Teachers keep the parents informed about the child’s development so they can be the child’s educational advocate.

While the child is attending school, teachers are offering individualized activities for the development of the holistic child. A child’s social emotional development can be helped by identifying emotions and the actions that made them feel that way and by calling attention to others’ emotions to develop a child’s empathy. Teachers have to encourage social play between students by being a positive role model and praising children for making good choices. Teachers also help young children grow their autonomy by letting them make choices and showing them how to take care of their selves like blowing their nose, going to the bathroom, and washing their hands.

Physical development activities are offered in two categories: gross motor and fine motor. Gross motor development includes the use of whole body movements that requires movement of large muscles with skills like walking, running, and pedaling a tricycle. Fine motor development activities use the fingers, hands, and arms like painting, writing, and cutting with scissors.

Cognitive development refers to the way a child learns. The activities offered need to be fun and interesting to the children. Teachers need to provide opportunities for the children to learn about the world around them. Giving them new words, descriptions or what is occurring, and interesting ways of learning new lessons individualized to each child’s learning style. These include knowing and recognizing their ABC’s, 123’s, colors, and shapes.

For a child to be truly successful teachers need to guide behavior by maintaining routines, having simple rules, and by leading by example. Children should have an abundance of vocabulary and be able to read about cultural differences. Teachers need to constantly plan for their students and actively engage with them leading them to be our future.