June is a playful redhead that seeks a companion, likes long walks, spending quality time, likes toys and games of all kinds, never met a stranger, looking for someone with like interests, loves to play with other dogs but not short people (kids).

Jack is a tall, handsome athlete that seeks an active companion, loves to jog five to seven miles a day, would love to snuggle with the right companion, loves the water and long walks on the beach, couch potatoes need not apply.

Rusty is an outgoing, adaptable guy that wants to match your lifestyle, loves to walk and jog or just hang out in front of the TV, beef jerky is his only downfall.

Missy is single female looking for stability, seeking love and companionship, low maintenance but full of life, not the jealous type, will accept other dogs.

The four described in their “personal ads” are all up for adoption from the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society (SJBHS) through the DAWGS in Prison Program. Please go to the Dawgs in Prison website to find the adoption application at http://www.dawgsinprison.com/.

These companions will graduate from their training class at Gulf Forestry Camp on June 28 and will be ready to join you on your next adventure.