Dear Editor,

With all this talk about changing health care, one would think that the politicians would like to have their name on it, if it was so good, i.e., Trump Towers, Trump University, Trump steaks, etc. The truth is when some seniors in rural America voted for Trump they did not know that they also signed their death certificates. They were told every day how bad things were in this great country because of minorities, other religions, and how current leaders had destroyed it all and after awhile they began believing it and not realizing they were forfeiting their own self-interests. (Recently released numbers show that 75 percent of Trump supporters in rural areas will lose their health care) I knew something like this would happen, but not this soon. Our district representative, Mr. Dunn, was the first in line to stick it to the Trump supporters but I am glad it’s gonna happen now because as the saying goes, “There’s a sucker born every day.” No one will be able to afford this Trumpcare (politicians who voted for this abomination exempted themselves from what they created). Older folks, 50 to 64 on low incomes, will have a non-stop trip straight to the cemetery. The older ones on Medicare will be getting a nice letter from the insurance company that their supplemental insurance will be skyrocketing. Medicaid, you can forget it. There will be waiting lines in emergency rooms all the way to the parking lot. Politicians will tell you they are going to make insurance accessible to all which is true, but they do not tell you that you must have a ton of money to afford this insurance they are offering. Could this be a way of making America great again, by getting rid of the poor and seniors? Or, could it be that this is a Russian insurance plan because with less than six months under this current leadership many Americans are already suspecting the Russians have infiltrated the White House. In closing, listening and trusting a politician today could be very harmful to your country and your health.

Ray Jackson

Port St. Joe