Playing Bingo, eating ice cream and hearing about scams targeting seniors were on tap for the seniors at the Wewahitchka Senior Citizen Center last Thursday.

The GFWC Wewahitchka Woman's Club's Domestic Violence committee organized the activity to mark the June 15 recognition of World-Wide Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Booster-Husband George Boyer called Bingo, prizes were had by all, and special guests from the Sheriff's Office, Investigator Paul Beasley and CSI Investigator Renee Zemlock shared valuable information with the participants. All present had received at one time or another a "call" that in hind sight was a "scam." Lieutenant Beasley encouraged all to remember two things: one, it's happened to all of us so don't be embarrassed to report it, and two, you control the phone in your house - hang up if in doubt. It's not rude to do so, it is smart and may keep you safe.

The lively game and discussion was topped off with ice cream in waffle bowls! At the end of the day, it was hard to tell who had more fun - the seniors or the Woman's Club members!

Elder abuse is often an ugly reality in life. It is a cause local, state and national General Federation of Woman's Clubs work to end. To be a part of this and other worthwhile projects of the Wewahitchka Woman's Club, check us out at