Tampa—Last week, the Florida School Boards Association honored Florida Public School Board Members for earning professional development distinctions through training designed for individual school board members, school boards, and governance teams.

• 22 newly elected School Board members were honored with FSBA’s newest distinction, the Emerging Leader, by earning 48 professional development training hours within their first months of service. Training included New School Board Member Academy, Advocacy Training, and attending forums for Personnel and Bargaining and School Finance.

Among those 22 was Cindy Belin of Gulf County.

• 6 members were named Certified Board Members (CBM) after completing over 96 hours of training in the content areas of Advocacy, Leadership, and Knowledge.

• 4 governance teams (School Board and Superintendent) were honored for completing the FSBA Master Board program. This training program is designed to strengthen the leadership team’s ability to work effectively, efficiently, and collectively while maintaining a focus on student achievement and factors contributing to the success of schools.

“All professionals are expected to complete training and development to maintain knowledge and skills for their roles. Our professional development programs provide that for school board members,” commented FSBA Executive Director Andrea Messina following the awards luncheon. “Participation is voluntary, so completion of programs and recognition through earning a distinction is evidence of a board member’s commitment to their community to be a better board member. Being recognized as an Emerging Leader so soon in one’s tenure is evidence of a board member’s early dedication to their new role. Earning this distinction gives a board member a solid foundation upon which to build further knowledge and skills as a board member.”

FSBA’s professional development programs are offered to ensure board members obtain well-rounded and thorough understanding of his or her policy-making and oversight responsibilities. Training is structured around the five components of the FSBA Governance model: Vision, Relationships, Community Leadership, Policy, and Accountability.

The mission of the Florida School Boards Association is to increase student achievement through the development of effective school board leadership and advocacy for public education.