Local realtors and married couple, Matt and Ashley Peevy, were recently featured on HGTV’s hit show “Beach Hunters.”





Local realtors and married couple, Matt and Ashley Peevy, were recently featured on HGTV’s hit show “Beach Hunters.”

The couple, who sell homes from St. George Island to the western edges of Panama City Beach, received a blanket application from the producers of the show, and were among the 10 realtors chosen.

“They emailed thousands and thousands of agents across the U.S, different coastlines, and they thought our coastline was special enough to shoot,” said Matt Peevy.

“Beach Hunters” follows realtors and prospective buyers as they search for the perfect dream home on the sand.

After he returned the application to the casting agent, Peevy was asked to choose a client that fit specific categories and who had a specific price range.

The Peevys were working with a couple they had previously sold a property to and when they approached the potential buyers they agreed to audition for the show.

Both Matt Peevy and the potential buyers had to audition with the production team over Skype, and a few weeks later Peevy received the call that they had been chosen.

Filming began on Jan. 20 in Panama City Beach and wrapped up Jan. 24, with the production team spending a full day in each of the three potential homes.

“It was an interesting experience,” Peevy said. “I actually went to college for film production, but I really wasn’t used to being on that side of the camera.”

The crew of eight followed the realtor and buyers through the western edge of Panama City Beach making the sale a little different.

Although each home was only featured on the show for a few minutes, Peevy said the shoot time was extensive.

“My background in production made it a little bit easier because I knew what to expect,” Peevy said. “I knew that they would shoot us walking into a house from three different angles, five different times.”

While Peevy normally works as a team with his wife to sell homes, the show’s production team had a strict rule on using just one realtor.

Ashley Peevy, who was seven months pregnant at the time of shooting, deferred the limelight to her husband, though she did make it into some scenes and even got the couple’s young daughter into a closing scene.

Matt Peevy has already seen increased social media traffic on Coastal Realty Group’s pages and believes shows like “Beach Hunters” can really help the local market.

“The market is doing really good everywhere,” Peevy said. “A lot of people are looking to invest in real estate, and a lot of them just don’t know where. I think these shows really help to educate audiences.”

Peevy, who started in the real estate business in Panama City Beach, was drawn by family to Gulf County after the birth of his daughter.

The realtor has already filmed another show for a proposed series in Franklin County and has hope that networks will be drawn to Gulf County to film.

A re-run of the episode can be seen at 6 p.m. ET July 9 on HGTV.