Dear Editor,

The other day I thought I'd take advantage of a southerly wind and fish the Bay from the State Park. Once again I couldn't help but notice no trash, none on the miles of twisting turning roads. Now, I know that people are slobs; I pick up trash thrown from cars out of my own yard nearly everyday. It takes real effort on the part of the Park Rangers to keep it as spotless as they do.

Then, there's also the restrooms. If you're taking your family out for the day you want clean facilities. Every single one in the park was spotless, smelling like pine and bleach and obviously well cared for. Each stall had plenty of toilet paper.

The bottom line is these Park Rangers bend over backwards to make our experience as pleasant as possible. They are also preserving a tiny piece of God's green earth.

Next time you see one of our Rangers maybe say "thank-you."

Dennis Maulding

Port St. Joe